Sunday, November 7, 2010

Writing and not writing

I signed up for Nanowrimo. What a wonderful chance to write my little stories. I started off well, getting @ 5000 words the first two days. Then of course, life interfered.

My daughter Shea fell at the local convience store and hurt her back. It took both Chanz and I to get her out of her chair at work and into the car. Then we both again had to get her into the Chiropactors office so he could do his thing to help straighten her out. Because she couldn't move I decided it would be best if I took Chaiz home with me. Three year old Chaiz, who thinks Grammy was put on this earth to play with him "Alright." Okay, that is Chaiz's word, which he uses to get your affirmative answer while he is planning what we will be doing.

The child is pretty smart and keeps me moving and trying to stay one step ahead of him. It is a lot of fun to play with him, because he is so smart. He was playing quietly with his cars so I decided to open up my little notebook and start typing. Immediately he hears the clicking of keys and decides it is time to "play a game on the com-pooter, alright, Grammy, alright." the word alright has an bit of an upward lilt at the end. Well, I can hand write my notes and let him play on the computer. I opened up the Library website Kids Zone and let him color the little monsters they have on their page. I showed him how to click on the colors and then click on the paint brush and how big to make the paint and he was off. I forgot to write my ideas down for my story. It was so much more fun to watch him paint on the computer. Soon he wanted to play another game. and we tried the word search game. I, of course, had to help him since he doesn't read. Or does he? The words shown there were Thanksgiving words, pumpkin, Pilgrim,
squash, Squanto, pie, turkey. I would glance at the square with the letters and find a word. I would point to the word, he would take the arrow up to the letter I was pointing at, I would click then he would move the cursor, while Grammy spells out the word, when his cursor got to the word I would unclick and the letters would be highlighted with a color and the word in the list highlighted in the same color. We would then move on to the next word, repeating the process. After we finished the page and highlighted all the words he would say "Let's do it again Grammy, alright?" The same words were displayed in the next game, just in different places. Again I would find a word, point out a letter and say "Let's spell "pumpkin" P-U-M-P-K-I-N. Good job Chaiz."

Only now, before I found a word on the board he pointed out a word on the list and said, "Okay, Grammy, let's find "pie" and he would point to the word pie on the list. I started to search the word search page for the word pie. Before I found the word, Chaiz pointed to the three 'P's together, "Look Grammy, those letters are all alike, they are 'P's. P, P, P. there is Pie, Grammy." and he pointed to the word 'pie'! I was speechless, or at least shocked. "Good job Chaiz, that is pie, and we highlighted it. Four different words he found just like that. I am constantly amazed at how smart this cute and articulate this boy is.

Well, you can see why the whole time I had him I didn't get any writing done. However, Shea was feeling much better on Saturday so I thought that I would beable to get some writing done then. Life happened again. My son-in-law was in the hospital and going to have some surgery done. Ray and I went over to stay with Sophie, Isasis and Maleah while their Mom was with their Dad at the hospital and waiting for him to get out of surgery. We had a great time, playing Sponge Bob Monopoly, walking to the park and exploring empty houses at Daybreak. They have a lot of fun playgrounds at Daybreak with a wonderful assortment of very unique playground equipment. But just a hint. There is one toy over there that is like a bent pole coming out of the ground, with a red disk on the pole. The idea is to have a child sit on the read disk and the adult or another child turns the bent pole and it spins around. This is great for a child, but sixty year old woman. Not so much. After Sophie twirled me around about a dozen times she stopped and I put my foot down and I physically stopped, but my eyes continued to rotate around my head. I know this because the houses across the street I was looking out also continued to twirl around my head. That was a very fun ride, I would have liked it a lot more, I think, when I was five.